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I haven’t noticed the beauty that I’ve passed along the way…

At some point before it was time to turn a corner, I realized that I was finally moving.In fact, the last time I got on a bike was for a sappy segment of an audition tape I made for The Biggest Loser in 2006.I didn’t ride it for more than a few yards, but I do recall that the second I put my formerly 250-pound-self on a bike, I was certain that I would fall.I don’t know if the clarity came from being sober from alcohol for over 2 weeks or from the pot that I had smoked earlier that afternoon, but all of a sudden it hit me. Something that’s dependable, though it might take a little more work. I might be a little uneasy at first, but once I start moving, I’ll learn to enjoy it. It took me over two weeks to finally decide what to do, and I doubt I’ll ever be content with my decision.Riding that bike was a metaphor for what I need to do next in my life. What I mean is that I want to get moving again, I just need a new form of transportation. I decided to go with what made the most sense to me in my life right now.

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I pedaled faster and faster and slowed only to turn.

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