Cons of dating older man

Posted by / 05-Dec-2017 14:35

Cons of dating older man

It’s called passion of the moment and it’s the first stage of being in a relationship.

But the big question is, are you going to feel like that in 6 months?

Read also: 10 Signs of infidelity and find out if he is having an affair. It’s important to look at your boyfriend and see a man who has accomplished a lot, a clever guy who can protect you.

A cheater is a guy who does not respect himself first and foremost.You just live today and enjoy the now like it’s the first day you met.One of the best signs your relationship will last is when you feel that each day is better than the previous one.They cannot afford not to work out and keep fit, it’s not an option to let go your body just because your partner loves you “no matter what”.You have to make the effort, even if you are not perfect.

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When you are with someone special, all you care is to spend one more day with him, invest in quality time with your partner and enjoy life as it happens.

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  1. "If I do what you suggest," moaned my friend, "I'll become a Stepford wife." "I'm not suggesting robotic behavior," I countered. To behave appropriately and lovingly requires a lot more thought and effort than to nag and kvetch. Only intelligence and thought lead to a more reasoned and productive approach." Marriage is about men and women working together. The saying "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" made for cute T-shirts, but lousy marriages.

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