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Consistently making on-time payments against your debt will also help you build a positive credit history, which can have additional benefits for your credit history and, by extension, your credit scores, too.If your debt feels overwhelming, it may be valuable to seek out the services of a reputable credit counseling service.Don’t worry if you make payments and your credit report isn’t updated right away.Creditors only report to Experian and other credit reporting agencies on a periodic basis, usually monthly.

Step 2: Talk to your loan servicer and choose the Income-Contingent Repayment plan.Having negative information on your credit report or a low credit score could suggest to lenders that you are less likely to pay back your debt as agreed.As a result, they may deny you a loan or charge you higher rates and fees.After 25 years of consistent repayment, any remaining balance will be forgiven.It’s important to note, however, that your forgiven loans will be considered taxable income under current tax law (though there are rumors this might change at some point).

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As a parent, it can make sense to take out a Parent PLUS loan — you want to do what’s best for your child and help pay for their education, right?

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