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Dating lois

I know Smallville has ended now but, I was thinking about the episode bride in season 8 and the episodes with Lana after that.Don't get me wrong, I like Lana (although I am a Clois fan) but it seemed to me like the writers had Clark choose to try again with Lana rather than move on with Lois. He only tried with Lois after Lana was forced out of his life. I should just clarify that I don't think Clark loved Lana more than he loves Lois.At the end of the day you can look at season 8's train crash all you want but it doesn't take away that he called Lois the one, that he stood at the alter with her and pledged to spend the rest of his life with her... As I see it, Lana was Clark's childhood sweetheart that he was stuck in a rut with.When Lana came back in S8, Clark and Lois weren't going together and were still at the friends level so Clark fell back in the old rut. All Clark got was a fake dear John letter forced on Lana.Alexandra, no matter how busy she is has managed time to fall in love again. As she broke up with Jermain Defoe there were many guesses that she is not going to date any person again.Their affair was much highlighted portion in the year 2012 and she was also happy mentioning him as her boyfriend but they lasted their relationship for short duration and ended before getting married.She never though he will bring much of happiness in her life.They are planning further for long term growth of their relationship.

Their relationship couldn't survive him having super-powers and her not having them, and while the Lana arc of season 8 was written it still had the love between Clark and Lana unable to overcome the strange speed bumps they run into, which were not thrown at them from the outside but often more internal problems, the green-k being part of Lana was a great metaphor for that... So Clark and Lois only got together after Lana and Clark had their one Millionth go at it.

This might be able to make a proper guess that the couple will be all getting married soon.

On the other hand Lois is also explaining his love life in the social media.

No I don't think Clark seemed to love Lana more than Lois...

he loved Lana first, and sad as it is often got stuck in repeated patterns of behaviour, not just in his love life but in general.

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He may have been very passionate about Lana, but he never tried after season 4 to move the relationship really forward, in their "perfect" season 7 they played house but he never proposed, he didn't trust her with his powers, admittedly she kinda didn't really deserve that extension of trust but regardless it's a relationship killer, also he kept their relationship at a rather child like level...