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"I'm looking for a Wonder Mike to my Casanova Fly," my profile said, "for a truly regrettable karaoke rendition of 'Rapper's Delight.'"I'd heard the usual complaints levied against dating in L.

A.: The guys are shallow and looks-obsessed; everyone's vying for status and justification for an oversized ego.

Three months later, he'd left me, suddenly, and I returned to Los Angeles.

For OKCupid, I try my best to craft memorable, interesting messages to send to women. (Dan Schindel)But the year I spent dating in Los Angeles was unexpectedly lovely. One date had named his dog after a fictitious sex addict.

We loved Compari's and Pann's near our first apartment in Inglewood and Tonga Hut near our next apartment in North Hollywood. He'd gotten a job back in New York, a job he'd worked hard to get and there wasn't any question of him taking it.

I knew he'd been interviewing there and I'd gone back and forth on how to handle the possibility.

There was a feeling leaving Los Angeles that I'd never had leaving anywhere else, a hyper-awareness that the memories of things I loved were starting to sting with loss.

It was the feeling of a breakup with a population of 3.8 million.

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