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As he tried to locate his girl, he saw an older couple he didn't recognize. Two half-empty beers and a plate of partially eaten potato skins occupied the space between them. It's way too far for me to walk home and besides, it's you who I want spend my time with. She turned his way, smiled and then ordered two beers. " She stood and spun around so he could get a 360 view of her body which he already knew as a perfect ten.

On the far side of the smoke filled room sat familiar faces, either at the bar, standing along the wall watching one of the large screen TVs or hanging out at one of the battered tables. This was his hangout and tonight he was enjoying the evening more than usual. As she did, an older man slapped her ass affectionately and called out, "Come on over and have a drink with me when you are done with him." He laughed. "Looks like they are just enjoying a night out like everyone else in this place." "Maybe I'm just paranoid. Anyway," he looked at her beer and said, "No, I'm not in any hurry. I'll hang out with you as long as you want." "And then you're going to take me home and fuck me? " he said getting a little tired of hearing her pleas for sex. I even dressed for the occasion." "I can see that." "You don't like?

She thanked him profusely and apologized for being so stupid. She walked on unsteady legs to her bedroom and collapsed. When Jasmine came back to bed Bobby was standing ready to go. Spends it all on booze, whores, and gambles the rest away playing poker. Tells me every time he's home he wants a divorce." "I can't date you," Bobby insisted. This wasn't right and the last thing he needed was to have him find the two of them together. "How could a woman so physically gifted be so insecure? " He didn't know and wasn't certain he wanted to know. The latter section separated her from the door as well as Bobby who sat in the lone chair opposite the single window that looked out into the courtyard. Lewis," she said directing her gaze intently at him. My plate is full and I don't have time for you to see me when you are good and ready. He was about to correct himself but decided not to bother. He hadn't seen baby Jessica since she was an infant. The single incandescent gave the room a more peaceful ambiance although right now, her attitude was making him feel anything but.

After he paid for his items he found her waiting just outside the door and the rest was history. Bob helped her out of her top and shorts and was about to cover her with a sheet when she headed into the bathroom to pee. He left leaving part of his heart in that trailer; the part that wanted her body. Her inky black hair and large dark eyes burned into his. Whenever I tell you something I expect you to do what I tell you immediately. " Still trying to understand why she suddenly got so serious he stammered, "Well yea, I guess so." She raised her eye-brows. "Ye-Yes ma'am." "Now stand." She motioned with one long slender finger. "I will offer you a seat when I want you to stay and talk. As he filled out the paperwork he wondered why she had gotten so worked up over nothing. She was one of the first people he met after speaking with the principal, Mr. Rodney Williams, a black man of about 45 ran this place.

Williams seemed to qualify his comment stating he was often tied up with meetings or out of town - or so he said. She was tall and graceful and had the most beautiful long black hair characteristic of Asian women.

Throughout the fifteen minute 'get to know you' conversation outside William's office Ms. Straight bangs across her forehead capped her lovely face with high cheekbones, large almond-shaped eyes and full lips. He guessed she was a bit older than he but then again, Asian women were hard to figure when it came to putting an age on them.

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