Free chat trials

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Free chat trials

Apply to secure your spot in the academy of your choice today.

Professional Trials for this year are happening now.

Because of the lack of age restrictions seen early on in the Order's history, sometimes Initiates would be assigned to perform a specific yet simple task, such as solving a judicial case or providing aid to a citizen in need.

The Jedi Council of Dantooine required Initiates in the Order to complete a task to see the dark side for themselves and find a way to conquer it.

Because of the less restrictive age discrimination rules of the era, the test was often taken by students well into their teens or even twenties, depending on species' maturation stages.

To gain the attention of a potential master, students participated in the annual Apprentice Tournament at the Jedi Temple so that they could exhibit combat skill and Force talents.

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The third option left open to an Initiate is to leave the Order.

Some may not be content with life in the Service Corps, or the High Council may not see them walking the Jedi Path.

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A famous example of this is the Trial of Revan, to locate and redeem the fallen Cathar apprentice Juhani.

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