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Irc adult chat list

A more involved research project I worked on was about airborne videography.

I made extensive use of interest groups to find contacts, potential customers and competitors, and background information for the project.

(It is 110k, and about 31 pages printed.) The first thing to understand about research is that there is a reason that it is called RE - search.

Four weeks later, I received an email message that they had located someone in Hungary who wanted to distribute the product.

An Oregon agriculture department official needed blueberry production statistics by country ASAP, so I queried the FAO's (Food and Agriculture Organization) Library Bulletin Service ([email protected] IRMFAO01 -- no longer available).

I used Archie to find which anonymous ftp locations that carried the program.

(Today's example would be using Gnutella or Blue Bear to find which peer-to-peer (P2P) carried the files you wanted.) The file was available at about fifty locations around the world.

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I retrieved the software and had it to the systems operator about an hour following the request.

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