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I remember listening to this song when I was in high school and dating who I believe was my first true love.

I remember laughing and dancing with her while listening to this song, we didn't care how silly it may have looked to others, it didn't matter, this song has that sort of attitude. Who hasn't wrote little love letters to their girlfriends as teenagers as the lyrics suggest? If you want something serious and epic, go download some Beethoven or something, just leave my Zeppelin alone, and let others do the dancing.

Another thought: Was this song made with John Holt's "The Tide Is High" in mind? You can have tatoos and piercings and sagging titty rings all you want; I have a lobotomy, and I remember It too. But, why was all the heart of my Dad's was saying, but I was asked Who. Go, figure."D'yer Mak'er"Oh oh oh oh oh oh You don't have to go oh oh oh oh oh You don't have to go oh oh oh oh oh Baby please don't go.

It smiles in the face of those who try to label every song or reach some heavy standard.

Plant was in Jamaica and a friend was talking about a girl he had in his room. This was the story as told by Plant on some dumb show. I see people typing how great they played, or how great they sound alone.

It's not how one of them sound, it's how all of them sound together as a group, and therefore, this is the best Led Zeppelin song.

The Rolling Stones were recording in Jamaica and dub raggae and Ska were starting to become popular in London.

Eventually raggae would become the soundtrack for the punks....

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Yes, it is pronounced Jer-Maker.IS a play on reggae music and they all had a helluva lots of fun making it. I Always turn up the radio and go just a wee bit over the speed limit when it comes on the radio. Sometimes I want to groove or chill and relax..the simplicity of this song that's genius. I was pretty upset when I heard Sean Kingston sampling this in "Me Love" he already sampled heavily on "Stand By Me".."Me Love" doesn't just sample the music but the lyrics too its kind of wack now that song is sucky Reggae. I don't want to be wowed with the hairs on the back of my neck standing all the time. I was pretty dissappointed when I heard Sean's "Me Love" HEAVILY sampling from D'yer Maker... be God's will I'm gon' audtion American Idol to dis song I love singing it...check ya grrrl out. I had an interesting experience when I was up late at night on the computer.