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On the ground, he rushed 157 times for 1565 yards and 34 touchdowns.On defense, he had 85 solo tackles with five interceptions and five fumble recoveries.If there’s any Interstate worse, overall, than the entire stretch of I-5, from Seattle to Olympia, I have yet to see it. By now you all know that an Amtrak train from Portland to Seattle derailed just south of Tacoma, where the tracks cross I-5. Mario Cristobal has to live with this mess for the next nine months.I-5 is the main route between Portland, Oregon and Canada. (The Red Star marks the spot.) At least six people were killed and many others injured. ********* My disappointment with Mario Cristobal was not because of Oregon’ loss to Boise State. It was because of the way he handled Royce Freeman’s decision. As a youth, he played for a friend, Matt Marrs, in Imperial, California.You’ll have to be out of your room by the end of the day, and you’ll have to handle your own meals. And if you decide to come to Vegas on your own, you won’t be allowed down on the sideline or in the locker room before, during, or after the game.” Now, that’s what I’d have done.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…” This was on national TV, you understand. Mack Brown in the studio, Kirk Herbstreit up in the booth. I know I’ve mentioned how early in some of my jobs the Lord has presented me with some amazing opportunities to demonstrate to a team how things were going to be. Mario Cristobal was presented with just such an opportunity, and I’m afraid he showed one and all that he’s going to be a “player’s coach.” *********** I have seen the nearest thing to Brian Urlacher, a guy started out as a quarterback in a small high school and in four years at New Mexico grew into a first-round NFL draft choice and became into one of the NFL’s most feared linebackers.

It’s your decision to make, but before you make it, I do want you to know that once you decide that you’re not going to play with us, you’re no longer a member of the team. And the same as with anyone else who quits, it means you’re giving up all the things that go with membership on the team.

You’ll no longer be permitted in the football facility. We’ll pack up the things in your locker and bring them out to you.

*********** *********** If there’s anything worse than the traffic on I-5 between Seattle and Tacoma, it’s the traffic on I-5 between Tacoma and Olympia. There’s one more pass to cross, Satus Pass, just north of Goldendale, and then from there the road winds steeply down off the Columbia Plateau to river level. You cross the river to the Oregon side, and, assuming decent weather (never a sure thing in the winter in the Pacific Northwest), it’s smooth sailing to Portland on I-84. Also forgetting that up to that point, Oregon’s offense had yet to cross midfield. Blount was restrained and removed from the scene by a young Oregon assistant named Scott Frost.

Any soldier who’s ever been stationed at Fort Lewis, just south of Tacoma, understands. What the Oregon fans may have forgotten was that Chip Kelly’s loss was in the season opener, and the Ducks had another game coming up in 10 days.

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(Many players said afterward that they’d all known that for some time.) Backed into a corner, Coach Cristobal blew the chance to teach a lesson that would have reverberated through his program for years to come. But it would have let one and all know that they while may think they got him hired, they’re not his boss.