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The battle of Marawi has dealt a terrible blow to our quest for peace especially now that an alien ideology and a radical shift in purpose have been injected into the local setting. Iyon nandito ‘yan, tinatakot nila dito because of the high-rise buildings and… I will mince no words and neither will I window-dress the situation [that] we are in. We are in for trouble because we live in troubled and uncertain times.

I declared Martial Law in Mindanao because I believed that that was the fastest way to quell the rebellion at the least cost of lives and properties. And I fear that things might get worse before they become better.

[applause] At the same time, the government would be adequately equipped with the constitutional tool not only to prevent the escape of rebels who can easily mingle and pretend to be civilian evacuees only to re-group in another place to fight another day, but also to prevent them from spreading their gospel of hate and violence in the rest of Mindanao. Wala akong pinirmahan ni isa, p**** i**** ‘yan na para pagkain. But like I said I hope we will cope, we hope and pray. It’s repeated for almost every week yata ‘yang mga short clips.

Martial Law and the suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus enable the military to arrest, detain and question suspected members and sympathizers of the rebellion similar to what happened to the parents of the Maute brothers. The West Philippine Sea issue and Federalism are matters that we have to tackle sooner or later. Tingnan mo ‘yung mga tao doon na hinayaan nilang mag…

Sad to say, despite all efforts, peace, especially in the Island of Mindanao, continues to elude us. Come to think of it really, they say that there is no perfect instrument or human acumen can really predict earthquake. Kasi kung magdating ‘yung sabi nila ‘yung “Big One”, I hope it will be just in the mountains and in the rural areas. But with so many killings as brutal and as cruel as what happened, if you add human rights and due process, you stink and your mouth smells. I will not allow the ruin of the youth, the disintegration of families and the retrogression of communities, forced by criminals whose greed for money is as insatiable as it is devoid of moral purpose. But do not connect it with due process and human rights. But when you talk in public carry the proper message. Eh kayo man ang front sa pa-ganun-ganun, eh ‘pag may namatay diyan na maraming massacre, ni-rape mga babae, bata, hindi kayo umiimik. Tingnan mo ang puti, panahon ni Obama, una ‘yung spokesman ng State Department. Neither will I be immobilized into inaction by the fear that I will commit an act that will expose me to public condemnation or legal prosecution. Kaya mag-82 kayo or kaya binobombahan niyo kasi ako ng ganun. [applause] Maya-maya pagdating ng mga --- [applause and cheers] pagdating nitong mga Western expert kuno, you give them so much premium and importance. You harm the children in whose hands the future of this Republic is entrusted, and I will hound you to the very gates of hell. [applause] That is why I ask you to join me in this fight against illegal drugs and all forms of criminality. Finally, let me make this appeal to those directly engaged in mining.

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The search for change will begin and end only when we look into ourselves and find it within. No sooner is one problem solved [when] another surges forth in its place. We are a small group of islands, hindi naman marami. Kung ganun mo na lang ‘yung --- embrace mo ‘yung apo mo sa pangalawang asawa. I [hold] you absolutely responsible for any misdeed or failure [by] the mining entities to comply --- do not comply or comply with the guidelines, rules and regulations governing mining operations and activities within your area of responsibility. We have seen the terrible toll that Super typhoon Yolanda and the succeeding typhoons exacted in terms of human life and property. At tsaka pumunta dito ang tatanungin ‘yung nasa presuhan na pinireso dahil nag --- just imagine…

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