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Sea floor spreading dating

Approaching Málaga from the airport, you'll be greeted by huge 1970s high-rises that march determinedly toward Torremolinos.But don’t give up so soon: in its center and eastern suburbs, this city of about 550,000 people is a pleasant port, with ancient streets and lovely villas amid exotic foliage.Select your suite and Request a Quote - guests who book early are rewarded with the best fares and ability to select their desired suite Silversea's oceanview suites are some of the most spacious in luxury cruising.

dimension: One bedroom: 334 ft² / 31 m² The Panorama Suite provides generous living space for voyagers.Circumnavigate the sparkling Spanish coastline, stopping off at some of the Mediterranean’s most enchanting cities, before ultimately docking below Lisbon's pastel-shaded slopes.Discover Gaudi’s masterpieces in Barcelona, Ibiza’s romantic island beauty, and Cadiz’s magnificent cathedral along the way - all the while enjoying a feast of sun, culture and dazzling coastline.Elegant décor, stunning marble bathroom and ample seating area, make this a cosy home away from home.But perhaps this suite’s finest asset lies just outside, as floor-to-ceiling glass doors open onto a private veranda, making every sunset feel as if it is yours alone.

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Ideal for entertaining friends while you cruise or enjoying a quiet dinner “at home”. The upper deck location gives the most spectacular of sea views, the spacious living area allows for comfortable relaxing where cosy nights in become veritable experiences in themselves.

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