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This time, conquer Babylonia (you can't conquer it by fighting, you have to talk to Hammurabi to gain it) and Uruk before Britannia.Then, make sure you have 1,000,000 gold at some point during the war against the Illuminati and complete every side quest to gain the extra characters.It should be noted that there are bonus items for conquering certain areas ahead of schedule.

Northern America Conquered Egypt Conquered Vinland Conquered Southern America Conquered EU Conquered Dark Realm Conquered Russia Conquered Zipang Unified East Asia Unified Before conquering Britannia, make a save for use later (it will save you having to go through the entire game again for the true ending later). Defeat Britannia and the Illuminati to gain the normal ending.

During the true ending route, you gain access to an optional final dungeon Shambhala.

Upon completing the true ending, the game rewinds to the state right before the final fight.

The trade-off for this is that enemy troops will gain 5% health which isn't much of an issue anyway.

As for viewing cutscenes, you should try to view them all as each one makes a character slightly better as they gain new equipment slots, find items, but most importantly they learn their ultimate technique - which helps immensely in the end game.

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