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Speeddating by the book bookworm

The Bookworm was cleverly designed so that the only needed support is a stainless steel foot that holds it up.

The outsides of the curved MDF and plywood are spray painted bright colors, while the interior of the bookshelf remains white.

Bookworm was released for the Nintendo DS digital distribution service DSi Ware on November 30, 2009.[2] It has also been released on the regular Nintendo DS cartridge.[3] Gameplay The game requires players to match adjacent letters to form word in the English language.

Longer words are worth more points and have a greater chance of producing bonuses.

Freshome describes the color choice well: The Bookworm is a fun piece of furniture.

The super splash of orange and fresh green enhance the reading experience.

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But those who are lucky enough to date a bookworm get a special set of perks (okay, and maybe a few challenges — but the good stuff outweighs 'em, trust me).