Who is mila kunis dating june 2016 some type of toddler dating ritual

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Who is mila kunis dating june 2016

(But really don't actually click out -- keep reading because this is too cute to be bitter about.) Mila Ku…Ashton Kutcher has officially confirmed his second child with Mila Kunis is going to be a baby boy.

We kind of already knew this because on Thursday's "TODAY" show Ashton accidentally told the world his two-year-old daughter was getting a baby brothe…BABY NUMBER TWO IS ON THE WAY, FOLKS!

While the newborn baby boy's gender was supposed t…The Kutcher-Kunis household just increased from three to four.

More specifically, Mila spared the w…Mila Kunis has come forward with a first-hand account of facing sexism in Hollywood.

While we often hear vague stories of rampant sexism ruling Hollywood, it's harder to pin down specific cases.

It's not easy for actresses to speak out about these th…If you aren't sad it's two months into cuffing season and you're still all alone, then step away from this article before you become depressed.

…Big shocker: Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's sex life is “great.” *Rolls eyes sooo hard, they pop out the back of my skull.* I think there are two kinds of hot in this world: unattainably boring hot and fun hot.

These are VERY different kinds of attr…Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis came to a major crossroads last weekend, as all new parents do.

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For a refresher, check out the hilarious, nostalgic clip below. When the 32-year-old turned…Going without makeup changes a woman's face, softening the lines so dramatically created by contour and highlights.